seegerMUSIC is a MUSIC SUPERVISION company catering for the entertainment industry, specifically film and television productions


seegerMUSIC has worked on numerous film and television productions for the past 10 years pitching and clearing music for clients from John Malkovich’s DISGRACE, all 4 seasons of RAKE, the awarding wining JACK IRISH series to the global heights of THE SAPPHIRES. More recent productions include: PLEASE LIKE ME (season 3 and 4), DESCENT INTO THE MAELSTROM, LOVE IN BRIGHT LANDSCAPES, SAFE NEIGHBOURHOOD and BODY HACK.


seegerMUSIC is Gary Seeger who has been involved in the music/film business for 25 years now. Dedication and passion is the key to success! Seeger's experience and knowledge stems from numerous music industry jobs; from music licensing, to management and publishing. He has worked with oodles of artists, from the unknowns that nearly had a hit, to Powderfinger and Nick Cave. It's been a wonderfully long, varied and interesting journey; from record labels to music publishing companies


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